PhpStorm also shows the inferred type of an object. @import and invalidate caches/restart,重启一下idea即可. When you invoke Got to Declaration with this checkbox cleared, PhpStorm does not perform any search and displays a tooltip which the following message: Cannot find declaration to go to. To navigate ... Go to declaration and its type. 推荐阅读 更多精彩内容. PHPStorm can't find declaration to go to Follow. 0. “Go to declaration” (default Cmd/Ctrl+click on a class name) is used so that you can quickly navigate through your codebase, to find the declaration of the code you are looking at. Something went seriously wrong. Sort by Date Votes. Lower priority for symbols from vendor. Comments. Class functions and fields not autocompled too . cannot 'find declaration to go to ' when using antd v^4.0: Bug: WEB-45350: Recognize Vue components without "